Unfortunately the Starlite Room (including Temple Bar) and River City Revival House does not have wheelchair access. Our near centennial building also has quite a bit of stairs which has also been an issue for people with limited mobility.

If you, your friend or family member are have limited mobility (broken ankle, pregnant, etc.) or are in a wheelchair please contact us at info@starliteroom.ca or info@revival-edmonton.com with the subject line “Mobility Issues” our friendly staff and ownership group is more than happy to accommodate any special needs, including manual wheelchairs.

We understand that these option are not ideal. We are truly sorry for any inconveniences this may cause you or your party. We were working towards creating an accessible space for all people by 2022, unfortunately the pandemic put a major strain on our finances, and these projects were put on hold until hopefully 2024/2025.

The Starlite Room and Temple Bar are general admission venues and are primarily standing room only. There is seating in the back half of the room (for both venues, although it is extremely limited) for those wanting to sit down or have a quieter area away from the main stage area.  This area has a limited view of the main room however on occasion there are TV monitors which display a live feed of the stage. If you anticipate requiring assistance due to mobility issues please contact us in advance at info@starliteroom.ca with the subject line “mobility issues”.

The Starlite Room (including Temple Bar) occasionally hosts events where minors are welcome. On the event listing (on our main page or event calendar) you will be able to see if the event is “18+, no minors allowed” or an “all ages” event prior to purchasing tickets. All aged events are an incredible way to engage youth with the arts community and Edmonton’s robust live music scene.

Hearing protection is always recommend for everyone, specifically those under the age of 18 years old.

PARENTAL WARNING: We cannot always guarantee that artists and bands won’t cuss or have song lyrics that are appropriate for all ages, nor can we guarantee conversations minors might overhear while attending events in our venue will be appropriate for anyone to overhear.

Yes – unless otherwise stated as an All Ages event shows are 18+ and you must be able to present a valid photo government ID for entry.

Photograph identification must be presented upon request; any of the following are acceptable:

  1. Alberta Registries Operator’s Licence
  2. Alberta Registries Identification Card (This non-driver’s identification is available through private registry offices)
  3. Passport
  4. Armed Forces Identification Card
  5. Out-of-Province Photo Operator’s Licence
  6. Certificate of Indian Status
  7. Immigrant Authorization
  8. Permanent Resident Card

In the event the required photographic identification appears not to be genuine, then a second piece of identification from the following list will be requested:

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Citizenship Certificate
  3. Baptismal Certificate
  4. Foreign Government Visa
  5. Fire Arms Certificate.

The Starlite Room uses the Servall ID scanning system and together with local Safety Compliance teams strive to create a safe environment for all. Servall complies with privacy laws and regulations – no information is shared or sold with any 3rd parties.

As of July 14th, 2021, membership is no longer a requirement of the Starlite Room’s liquor license!

So…the floor slops… the wrong way in the main hall. Our building was built as a Salvation Army Citadel (church) in 1925, and no joke, those floors are integral to the structure of the entire building. We’ve looked into all sorts of ways to remove the slope, lifting the basement ceiling, grading the floor, removing and rebuilding the floor… none of these options will fit the bill without destroying the original architecture, foundation and integrity of our gorgeous 98 year old building. We agree it sucks to dance on a floor sloped like that.

No outside food or drink is permitted. On occasion we offer popcorn, spring rolls, and pizza by the slice. River City Revival House (located in the underbelly of the Starlite) offers a full menu 7 days a week, until 12am. Reservations are not required but are highly suggested prior to a Starlite event. For reservations please email info@revival-edmonton.com

There is a covered paid parking structure and a paid open lot directly across the street from the venue as well as a larger paid lot just past the venue on the Southside. There is also metered parking available on most of the streets in the downtown area including directly in front of the venue on 100 Avenue and on MacDonald Drive. Please be sure to read all signs carefully so you do not get a ticket.

Pictures are permitted with cell phones and point and shoot cameras only. SLR body cameras (cameras with removable lens), iPads, and video recorders are not permitted without proper permission granted directly by the promoters and/or artists directly, press passes may be required.

Please be courteous of other patrons and especially the performers and mind your camera flash.

Yes we do. The coat check for the Starlite Room (full room shows) and Temple Bar shows is located at the back of the room across from Temple bar and next to the ATM’s (turn right when after clearing security and box office) and it is at the left of the stairs. The Starlite Room (half room shows) coat check is located on the left at the bottom of the stairs when entering through the main double doors. Our coat check is only open seasonally (or on nights with particularly bad weather). If the coat check is closed please ask anyone of our friendly staff for assistance.

Coat Check Rules:

  • Only one coat and one book backpack size or smaller bag per person. Every item will receive a ticket.
  • You MUST have all your tickets to receive all of your belongings. NO EXCEPTIONS, so please take a picture with your phone!
  • Any items left at the end of the night will be locked up until the next operating day.
  • Any abuse of staff and/or other patrons will not be tolerated.

Please DO NOT check valuables as the venue cannot be held responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Not really, other than shoes must be worn at all times. Offensive attire, including (but not limited to) hate symbols, gang, criminal organizations, hate group related attire/colours, or culturally appropriative attire, is not welcome at Starlite Room and River City Revival House. Such attire may be grounds for removal from our venues and events and may result in a permanent ban from our venues and events.

Unfortunately there is no answer to this question as it varies from event to event and depends on the feelings of the individual ticket buyers. As we are General Admission, primarily standing room only, all entry is first come first served. If you want to be at the very front of the stage we suggest arriving early and lining up. If you are more comfortable with the ebbs and flows arriving after doors to avoid the ticket scanning lineup is also an option. If you would like to line up before the doors open, we ask that you do it no more than an hour in advance. Our pub, River City Revival House (located directly below the Starlite Room) is open at 5pm, 7 days a week. During particularly busy events we sometimes scan tickets and distribute wristbands in Revival, this way patrons can enjoy a bite to eat and some drinks and can avoid waiting outdoors.

The earliest time you will be allowed into the venue is when the doors open, which is the time that is printed on your ticket and/or posted online (varies from event to event). Please watch our social media pages for more information. River City Revival House is currently open at 5pm, 7 days a week, join us for food and drinks prior to the main doors opening. River City Revival House is located in the underbelly of the Starlite Room.

The set times (when each artist plays) varies from day to day and event to event, we will post all event information once it has been confirmed on the event link on our Facebook Page. We often do not receive this information until the day of the event. It should be noted that all set times are approximate and subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances but all efforts will be on schedule more often than it will not be.

Wristbands are for proof of entry. Wristbands allow patrons in and out privileges when re-entry is allowed. The “X” on a patrons hand means that drinking age has not been verified when the event is listed as an All Ages event. We also use different coloured wristbands for age verification – the Starlite reserves the right to ask for ID at any time.

Please contact info@starlitroom.ca with the subject line “lost item” our staff will do their best to locate your belongings. Please note that after the bar closes our staff goes home, calling the venue all night only fills up our voicemail until the next time someone is in the Starlite Room office. River City Revival House opens at 5pm everyday, with staff there available to help you locate yours item(s), unfortunately they can’t let you “go look” on your own and often will need coverage of their station to assist you in looking, so PLEASE, PLEASE, email us first.

At the Starlite Room we do everything in our power to help your event succeed. All bookings are booked through email at info@starliteroom.ca. Based on the information provided by the artists, managers, producers, promoters etc. over email, our in house talent buyer will work with the artist or team to best choose which booking option would suit the event.


Information we require to send off to our in house talent buyer:

  • A list of artists who will be preforming with social media links. Websites, profiles, and sound files if available will be considered an asset.
  • Attendance and location of each artist’s previous gigs. 
  • Date(s) of availability, (if touring, a list of other gigs within the tour).

If the artist’s booking is being represented by a promoter, manager etc. a link to the representative’s credentials, socials or website is also required.

Other possibilities would be that an artist or band could be added to the bill of a local show, usually on our Temple stage. Typical set times would be 30-45 minutes. Or a Friday night in our pub River City Revival House, typical set times would be 2 sets of 45 minutes, approximately 1.5 hours of entertainment. For these inquires please contact info@starliteroom.ca with the subject line “Temple & Revival”.

Please contact info@starlitroom.ca

Nestled just off Jasper Avenue in Downtown Edmonton, The Starlite Room offers one of a kind experiences for any event. Catering to meetings, cocktail parties, meet and greets and more, the possibilities in this space are endless and we’re ready to cater to you. With over 19 years of experience in working with an eclectic client base, we know that each event is as unique as its guests and we have the skill set and resources to help you create a lasting experience.

Choose from one of our 3 event spaces each with its own layout and feel, ranging in capacity from 70 500 guests. We’re fully equipped with state-of-the-art sound, lighting and AV equipment, and have an incredible team of technicians to run everything for you!

Your guests will love the ease in which they’re able to travel to and from the venue, with our close proximity to public transit, parking, and hotels. With a fully equipped commercial kitchen on-site, we offer extensive catering packages ranging from pub style appetizers to dinner buffets featuring a menu that rivals some of the best restaurants in Edmonton. Let us take some of the weight off of your shoulders and book your next event with The Starlite Room.

The Starlite Room operates under the Province of Alberta and the City of Edmonton’s public health mandates and restrictions. Current policies can be found HERE.

Yes. Which you can read HERE. We believe everyone has the right to feel safe and included. We are committed to providing each patron, guest, artist, employee, agent and/or promoter a welcoming and enjoyable experience regardless of gender, gender status, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, rae, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religious beliefs, physical disability, mental disability, marital and/or family status and source of income. We believe that each individual has an important role in creating safer spaces. We have created comprehensive policies across each of our businesses where every individual has dignity, respect and understands their rights and responsibilities. We will continue to update our policies based on the needs of our community.