Edmonton International Jazz Festival
with Mouraine
Wed Jun 26 10:15 pm (Doors: 09:15 pm )
All Ages
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WCMA nominee and Explore Edmonton ambassador Mouraine is a talented hip-hop artist set for a big breakthrough. His debut album, "In Search of Gold," was produced in collaboration with producer duo Deadmen and released via Birthdaycake Records in May 2023. The album includes standout appearances from respected artists such as LA native Westside Boogie, Canadian R&B icon JRDN, and MOTO. ISOG offers listeners a deeply personal and vulnerable look into Mouraine's life, all backed by bold lyricism and colossal beats.“There comes a time in every artist's career to pursue their unimaginable creativity, to find themselves and their sound. "In Search of Gold" is metaphorically a representation of my life journey. I’ve always thought that chasing possessions was going to fulfill me. But I realized that to find gold is to find your purpose, peace, and happiness, and that’s what this album means to me.”
- Mouraine

A young, first-generation immigrant to Canada, Mouraine learned English through music. Hip-hop, rap, and R&B lyrics taught, consoled, and inspired him to use language for self-expression and survival. His magnetic energy attracts listeners to his music and message.


Visit edmontonjazz.com for more about the Edmonton International Jazz Festival. Support for the Edmonton International Jazz Festival is provided by TD Bank Group through the TD Ready Commitment.