La Connexional
Cocoa Butta Fashion Party Experience by La Connexional
with Cocoa Butta Fashion Party Experience
Sat Apr 13 09:00 pm
18 and up
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The experience is set to unfold for the first time at the vibrant Starlite Room, known for its unmatched atmosphere and exceptional acoustics, enhancing your immersion in this multicultural, groovy escape. The lineup features world-class live instrumentalists (Jeff Hendricks 🎷 & Joe 🪘) and DJs—DJ EXO, PRIME XIII SOUND, and DJ KEEZ—each bringing their unique flair to the turntables.

Cocoa Butta by La Connexional embodies the essence of celebration and the soothing, nourishing spirit of its namesake ingredient. Like the rich, hydrating embrace of cocoa butter on skin, this La Connexional flagship experience promises to envelop you in the warmth and vitality of your favorite summertime sounds – from the feel-good energy of Afrobeats to the soulful rhythms of 2000s R&B, the energetic vibes of Dancehall, Amapiano, UK Grime, Latin Beats, Ndombolo, and more!Email header

This flagship experience draws inspiration from our sold-out fashion collection that shares its name, representing the unity of style and sound. Cocoa Butta isn't just an event; it's a movement, a La Connexional journey designed to delight the senses and move the soul.

As you step into Cocoa Butta, expect more than just a party. Expect a space where fashion meets rhythm, where community meets individual expression, and where you can discover new musical favorites. Dress to impress, not just for the eyes of others, but to reflect your vibrant spirit within. This is your canvas to shine, to celebrate life, and to be part of a memorable night where the groove is the guide, and the beats are your north star.

So, let Cocoa Butta recharge your soul. Come ready to dance, ready to feel, and ready to be a part of something special. As the beats play and the night unfolds, you’ll find that Cocoa Butta is not just an experience you attend, but one you carry with you long after the last note has played. Don’t miss out on this La Connexional experience. See you on the dance floor!