As per our operating license the Starlite Room a is a private venue which operates exclusively for our members and their guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is a Membership?

A: Memberships are $5.00 per person per year (valid from date of purchase) and each member is allowed one guest per event upon entry.

Q: How can I get a membership?

A: Memberships can purchased at the venue ONLY on each event date when doors open or up to an hour prior to for some events (please check our social media pages for updates). Signing up is easy with only a quick form to fill out.

Q: I am a minor attending an all ages show, do I still need a membership?

A: No – memberships are applicable to adults only (18+).

Q: I am attending an event in the Brixx, do I still need a membership?

A: No – memberships are not required for Brixx.

Q: I have previously purchased a membership and plan on attending an upcoming event do I need to bring my card with me?

A: Yes – All members must be able to present their physical card upon entry for every event they attend.
Northern Alberta Society for Animal Protection

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” – Ghandi



NASAP is the Northern Alberta Society for Animal Protection, which is a volunteer based registered charity that was formed in 1998 and exists for 2 basic reasons:

  • To provide a solution to the problem of homeless and unwanted animals in the Northern Alberta area, thus working towards the long term goal of reducing the practice of euthanasia as a means of controlling the pet population.
  • To assist, wherever possible, in the education of the public and government bodies regarding the importance of spaying and neutering household pets as a main ingredient in the progress towards the goal of controlling the pet population.

The Starlite Room is proud to support this organization and will do so by donating a portion of each membership fee in addition to creating a greater awareness of the organization and its ongoing efforts through social media and internal promotion.

To find out more about NASAP, volunteer, provide a foster home or adopt a furever friend, please go to: