Winterruption Presents

Broadway Calls

The Starlite Room- Temple
All Ages

Our history, if you're interested is all on wikipedia (my favourite website). As of December 2010, we've been a band for 5 years. 5 years....5 years is a long time, but as I sit here and type this, it seems like no time at all. I suppose it's because I never really stop to think about what we've accomplished in the past few years. I don't stop to think, because I'm always looking forward to what comes next. What comes next is a new record. We're currently right in the middle of the writing process, and I think the new songs are pretty dang good. Actually, some of these songs are in the running for my favourite BC songs ever. Seriously can't wait for you guys to hear them. For everyone that has been there since our first show on that cold night in Longview in early 2006, to the kid on his computer right now, learning about us for the first time, THANK YOU! It feels good to write songs, record albums, and play shows, but I don't want to imagine all this without you guys singing along.

Venue Information:
The Starlite Room- Temple
10030 102 St NW
Edmonton, AB, T5J 0V6